About Us

The bond of our family with this art, began in 1934 with grandmother, who wove on a full Manual loom, the fabrics for the outfit of brides of that time. She then passed-on her experience to her children before, and then to her grandchildren.
And it is one of these children who, with his wife already seamstress, decided to follow on this knowledge, making their life.
So in 1985, our story begins in a small workshop in town with just over 10 employees, taking their first steps between skirts and shirts. A leap in the dark.
With time and many sacrifices, the initial project become a splendid reality. From small laboratory of manufacture, in tailoring company.
Today we are specialize in the perfect shirt, but lately our attention is also directed to knitwear with very positive feedback. All this, allowed us to start working collaborations with various Italian brand and not, also overseas. You will see and feel our attention to detail and our experience.
The perfect balance in quality/price therefore make Vico Caroli not only a factory, but a site where the customer can feel himself driven through paths of choice able to fully satisfy the various desires and different needs in terms of comfort and style.

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